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Cancer Care

Thank you for choosing the Centre of Integrative Natural Medicine, and as one of your sources for information regarding cancer care.  Our protocol for cancer care is designed to support you whether you are undergoing Western conventional treatment (such as chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy etc.) or not.    Sherman Shu-Seng Lai and his team have helped hundreds of patients suffering from all forms of cancer. 


Cancer is a difficult illness to treat.  It affects so many aspects of a person, not only the body, but also the mind and the spirit, not to mention all of the loved ones of the cancer patient.  In order to deal with this extremely complex disease, an equally multi faceted approach is required.


Advanced Integrative Chinese Medicine (AICM) is a discipline created with this multi-faceted approach in mind.  The foundation of this system is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), utilizing herbal medicine, acupuncture and the five element emotional theory.  This is combined with nutritional and nutraceutical supplementation, dietary counselling, psychotherapy and modern lab testing for food allergies.  This system allows for comprehensive patient care, giving the patient the best chance to survive their complex illness, and is able to be fully integrated with modern conventional medicine.

Below is a link to a handout that we give to our cancer patients at the Centre of Integrative Natural Medicine.  Included in this document is a brief description of the traditional Chinese herbal remediesthat have been formulated based on the AICM multi-targeting approach.  These formulas are not used to replace western cancer treatment, but rather to complement each other, as shown through years of clinical research. 

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