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Carly Sutherland

Assistant Office Manager & Administrative Nutritionist

Carly joined our team in September 2017 as our administrative nutritionist. Having graduated from the University of Guelph Honors Biological Science program, with a minor in Nutrition and Nutraceutical Science she is looking forward to expanding her knowledge in alternative medicine and nutrition. With a background in the health and wellness industry, previously working as a personal trainer, Carly has a passion for helping others achieve a healthy, happy lifestyle through daily activity, mobility, and nutrition.

In her free time, Carly enjoys daily yoga and meditation, going on hikes, camping, skiing, sailing, and traveling the world. She loves the outdoors and has spent most of her summers working as a sailing coach, as well as racing sailboats competitively. She also worked for the Canadian Coast Guard for two seasons, where she was a part of a Search and Rescue crew. During her time as a personal trainer, Carly was able to gain the certification of becoming a Fascial Mobility Practitioner and used her knowledge of movement, mobility, and nutrition to help people not only achieve their goals but also overcome ailments and injuries.


She loves to help people lead healthier lifestyles using her knowledge of nutrition and exercise and is eager to help anyone who asks!


Carly is trained to use and interpret Bio-Impedance Analysis results.

Carly is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fascial Mobility Practitioner.

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