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Delayed Food Allergy Testing

The greatest challenges with allergies are recognizing them. Everyone relates an allergy with an immediate response such as hives, itchy eyes, runny nose, vomiting and/or hay fever. However, allergies can be much more extensive and can manifest in many different ways. Allergies may not be the root cause of all ailments, but they can be a predisposing factor in the development of a plethora of diseases. If you suffer from any health concerns that have not been diagnosed or have been told that you have absolutely nothing wrong with you ‘diagnostically’ speaking, you should consider food allergies.

There are 2 different types of food allergies/sensitivities:


Immediate Food Allergies:

–Occurs within seconds or up to 3 hours after ingestion

-Caused by the presence of a high IgE antibody level in the blood

-Examples are: Hives, vomiting, difficulty breathing

-Sometimes life threatening anaphylactic reactions


Delayed Onset Allergies:

-Occurs anywhere from 3 – 72 hours after ingestion

-Caused by antibodies other than the IgE, particularly the IgG antibodies

-Immune complexes form and begin inflammatory reactions in the body

-May come and go in cycles, depending on how often the food is eaten or avoided

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