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Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair contains all the minerals present in the body and in most cases, reflects the quantity of these elements in the tissues. Analysis of these results provides a wealth of information on how efficiently your body is working and its nutritional status.
Hair mineral analysis is considered the gold standard for assessing levels of heavy metals in the body.
This analysis also provides ratios and patterns of nutritional minerals, which is useful in assessing the body’s rate of metabolism. For example, you may be eating well and taking all the right vitamins and still see no results.
You may want to consider hair mineral analysis if:
-You are or have been regularly exposed to chemicals, solvents, cleaning solutions
-You have mercury fillings
-You are unable to lose weight and are unable to identify the problem
-You have bone loss due to being overly acidic
-Your thyroid is slowing down
-Your adrenal glands are exhausted
-You experience unexplained depression, anxiety, ADHD, or fatigue

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